The political nonsense continues at Queen's Park

The Ontario government is, as usual, refusing to listen to the voices of hundreds of thousands of citizens. Earlier this month, they claimed to have compromised by allowing schools to call their much hyped "Gay/Straight Alliance" clubs by other names. Big flippin deal! Much less attention was paid to the fact that they simultaneously removed the right of school principals to opt out of such policies. I guess that's the Liberal definition of a compromise.

Problems with the language of the Bill continue to be pointed out by constitutional lawyers and other experts. The government has now decided to use the terms "lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered, transsexual, two-spirited, intersexed, queer and questioning people" in the definition of bullying. This is completely idiotic. How many more ridiculous categories can they come up with? Even the term "homophobic" has no legal definition in Ontario. The more specific and judicially untested terms they include in this badly written law, the more likely it will fail a constitutional challenge, and thereby force the entire law to be re-written. Meanwhile, more kids will take their own lives due to bullying. Stop trying to pander to the all-powerful special interests and listen to the general public. You were elected to represent all of us!

Here's a thought - If your intention is to be "inclusive", why not quit trying to pigeon hole people into these politically correct, legally undefined categories and just write a law that defends all kids? We're all people, not labels. I mean honestly, what are "intersexed" and "two-spirited" even supposed to mean? You can't just make up words and toss them into a law.

It looks likely that the McGuinty Liberals will succeed in stalling all legislation long enough to break for the summer, ( conveniently stopping questions about the ORGNE fiasco and possible crimes committed by their friends ), thereby killing the Bill. Watch the suicide statistics rise once again this August as terrified kids who are bullied decide they can't face another year of torment. That doesn't seem to bother this band of irresponsible, arrogant twits. Why worry about children when they know damn well they'll soon be voted out to start collecting their gold plated pensions for mismanaging this once great province? 

I say let's have the inevitable election right now, and remove these high handed clowns from office. The sooner, the better.