Quick Tips For Teachers

Awareness and communication
can STOP the violence before it starts.

"Schools are a primary place where bullying can happen. Helping to establish a supportive and safe school climate where all students are accepted and knowing how to respond when bullying happens are key to making sure all students are able to learn and grow."
~ Stopbullying.gov

An excellent article about using books for anti-bullying instruction from Edutopia.

General Resources and Information:
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Olweus Bullying Prevention  The world's foremost bullying prevention program.
Pacer National Bullying Prevention Center Unites, engages and educates communities nationwide.
Bullying Prevention Training Center
Bullying Awareness: Reclaiming Our Schools
PeaceBuilders Professional development program.
The Canadian Safe Schools Network Resources for teachers, students and parents.
Bullies Stink! Provides technical assistance with school policy construction and implementation.
PREVnet A national network of leading researchers and organizations.

Anti-bullying Lesson Plans, Guides and Activities
Excellent lessons and inspiration can be found at:
BullyingNoWay.gov.au Great ideas and resources for activities in the classroom.
PeacefulSchoolsInternational.org 50 Ideas for anti-bullying week.
Bullying: A Module for Teachers From the American Psychiatric Association [PDF]
Beat Bullying Resources A huge range of lesson and assembly plans, activities and information available for you, for free.
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Lesson Plan Providers
Learn what bullying is and what it is not
Establish a safe school climate
Learn how to engage parents and youth
Know your local anti-bullying law(s)
Assess it, stop it, find out what happened and support the kids involved
Read more at Stopbullying.gov
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Other guides and information
Bullying: A Module for Teachers
Bullying in the classroom: A guide
Responding to Cyberbullying
CHPA Assessment Toolkit
Cyber-bullying: Developing Policy